ABout us

Helping learners with additional needs develop, grow and achieve is at the heart of what we do, and we value the different approaches needed to reach great outcomes for all.

With a core focus on SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), SENDhelp is able to find career paths for those experienced in or with an interest in supporting pupils with learning difficulties. By forming a close working relationship with our partner schools and candidates, we will not only find our candidates their dream jobs but will support our schools with finding the right staff for their students. We can offer outstanding development opportunities to our candidates and will ensure they are vetted to the most stringent standards within the industry.

Why SENDhelp?

SENDhelp has been established to bring change to the industry as we currently know it.

When it comes to supporting those with additional needs, it can be hard to ensure that the correct resources are in place to support each pupil, including the staff necessary to provide that support. Not only is there a shortage of skilled and trained staff within the industry, we find that recruitment and supply agencies often fail to understand the complex requirements around SEND. All too often, we find that the desire to simply place a body in a certain position to collect a fee is put above the needs of a school and a candidate. Careful consideration as well as taking the time to fully appreciate the unique requirements of every individual case, can sometimes be forgotten. This in turn makes life harder for schools leading to more time and money being spent on resourcing, higher staff turnover, and less positive outcomes for staff and children.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help schools and candidates in a way that is meaningful: backed by a strong understanding of the challenges that children and adults with additional needs face. We use our experience to match candidates and schools accordingly, based on the specific skills required so that each child we support can develop, grow and achieve. We are not about volume, we are about quality.

Continuity is also very important to us here at SENDhelp as learners with additional needs can reach their full potential when surrounded by familiar, supportive faces.

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