Helping SEND learners fulfil their potential

Finding staff within any setting can be challenging at the best of times, but what happens when you find yourself hunting for a SEND specialist? You call us!

As a dedicated SEND service, we are on hand to help your school find staff that will make a difference.

How we can help your school?

SENDhelp works with professionals that have experience within education, healthcare and social care. We are able to introduce relevant members of our team to your school when your SEND pupils need support. With a variety of staff available, we are able to send you candidates with high level qualifications, training and experience – something that can be so hard to find in the current market! Not only this, our candidates come with the all important resilience, tenacity and passion that working within special needs education requires.

We are very proud of our SENDhelp team as we all share the collective mission to help SEND learners to develop, grow and achieve.

I found Jack to be personable, understanding and extremely likeable. He comes across as trustworthy, down-to-earth and possessing a similar level of high expectations of his staff that I do (which is no mean feat, I can assure you). He listened to my requirements and delivered!

C McDermott – Headteacher

Who do we represent?

We represent a broad range of education staff including this non-exhaustive list below:

· Leadership / SLT
· Teachers
· Support Staff
· Nursery Workers
· Care Workers
· Therapists / Counsellors

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types of roles we can help support you with.

Safeguarding & Vetting

As a specialist SEND recruiter, child safety and welfare is absolutely paramount to us. That is why we conduct thorough checks on all candidates, starting with a verbal vetting as part of the on-boarding process, through to identification and work history checks. We require all candidates to undergo an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check to ensure that they have no relevant criminal background, have not previously been barred or have any other orders or restrictions placed upon them. SENDhelp adheres to the highest standards in these areas, and schools and other educational facilities can trust that we are only providing quality-vetted candidates.

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