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Important information regarding COVID-19

With recent events surrounding the COVID-19 virus dominating headlines and causing a lot of confusion and uncertainty for everyone at the moment, please note that it is business as usual here at SENDhelp.

For care providers, our mission remains unchanged and we are here to support you and send you help whenever you need it, especially during these unprecedented times.

Whilst most social care providers will be needing more staff it is a great time to make full use of SENDhelp’s pool of talented and trained individuals. It is now where those that are considered vulnerable and those with additional needs still need caring for and need provision.

We are open our usual hours between 7am and 5pm every day and have no intention to change this for the foreseeable future. We have staff available, on hand to support you during these difficult times that are trained in a variety of special needs and social care backgrounds.

You are not alone during this uncertain period, please call us should you need any additional staff and we will be able to allocate necessary numbers to you where applicable.

Please liaise with your consultant on any needs you currently have so that we can begin to plan and arrange solutions for you. We have a variety of staff available on a long term, short term or permanent basis and therefore can help cover any gaps you may have.

We can be contacted on 01727 567 359 or alternatively, please contact our SEND Manager, Jack Hurn out of hours on 07852 599657.

Candidates are expected to attend work as normal and all normal procedures remain in place if you are unable to attend work, please refer to your Candidate Handbook or speak with you consultant if you have any confusion on this matter. If your school or provision is closed or if your working hours are affected we will inform you accordingly, again if you unsure please speak with your consultant by calling us on 01727 567 359.

For candidates that are currently working for us, any disruptions to your work will have been communicated with you already. There will an influx of care providers and companies needing staff over this period and we ask that if you are available to keep us up to date, so that we can continue to send you to schools that need your help.

We at SENDhelp are working in line with current government guidelines and will continue to update our approach as advised.

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